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Throughout the year Adam holds a series of specialist workshops on specific techniques or themes.
Prices for my one-off workshops vary on the technique/theme of the event. They are usually around £40 per person (if booked 4 weeks or more in advance, £50 per person thereafter)* or £80 per person if a double event (if booked 4 weeks or more in advance, £100 per person thereafter)*.
**Further discounts may apply for group bookings (over 3 people)
***For the earlybird discount to apply, please note that all bookings must be made and payment received before 12midnight 4 weeks before the date of your booking

Events will be publicised on my social media and through my mailing list so for more information please follow me on FACEBOOK or join my mailing list by contacting me via EMAIL

To join the mailing list for the all latest information on events, classes ad workshops, please send an email to Adam via [email protected]

1. Send an email to Adam via [email protected] with your request; booking will be made on a first come first served basis).
2. Adam will respond with a booking form for you to complete.
3. Please complete the details on the form and make payment as per the details on the form. Please ensure you have read the latest Terms and Conditions. (including our response to Covid 19). These can be found via the following link.
4. Once you have sent back your form and payment is made your place will be confirmed (please note that this all needs to be done before the closing date for the EarlyBird date if you want to take advantage of the lower price) 5
. Once payment and the form is received Adam will respond with a confirmation email with details of your booking.

For more information please get in touch 

Full Terms and Conditions (including our response to Covid 19) can be found via the following link.


The pottery studio is a great space and Adam provides a relaxed teaching style with lots of opportunity to be creative. I’m so glad the classes are running again and that we are back in the studio.

Current Student, Summer Term 2020

I love the way Adam teaches and the way he doesn't make me feel rubbish. He has a way of demonstrating the right way to do something which is easy to grasp. It is my first term and I would like to return for many more.

Current Student, Summer Term 2020